beach themed party ideas??


i am having a beach/ surf shack themed party for my 15th birthday. how could i decorate to get the whole beachy feel and wow my friends? and the party will most likely be indoors. what could i hand out as prizes/favors for winning party games (things useful for teens)? and what are some good songs i can play?



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Wild Thing

Music: Beach boys
Theme: Have everybody bring their own surf board
Get some beach balls, life savers for prizes.

Nicole L

Any songs by Jimmy Buffett are always good for beach themed parties. Hand out lei’s, maybe decorate with flipflops, kids bucket and shovels, grass skirts, beach balls. Let your imagination run wild.

purple haze

maybe make virgin pina coladas kinda decorate the wall with blue fabric and pretend its the beach play music like they do at that hollister store as prizes you can hand out glow in the dark necklaces


Beach themes are so colorful and fun! The first website below will give you some hawaiian style party games. Actually once you open that website, look around because it is filled with ideas. (EXAMPLE: Translating your guest’s names into hawaiian.)

Also, Im one of those party perfectionists lol and I recommend giving out some sort of present to remember your party by. (what we called goody bags when we were little lol). So the second website has some really great hawaiian bar soaps and chapsticks that are decently priced and would be cool to hand out since they are really made in hawaii.

Happy Birthday!

Also…if its not too slow and boring for the party. See if you can use Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s version of “Somewhere over the rainbow.” (im half hawaiian, and this song is definitely my family’s fav. my sis danced with our dad to it at her wedding).

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